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Our commitment is to use our best knowledge and expertise to restore a normal appearance to a mutilated limb, either through the use of an aesthetic prosthesis with passive function or by aesthetically covering functional prostheses.

However, the best prosthesis can never truly replace a body part. It is fundamental that patients have a realistic approach of prosthetic fitting and make their choice based on dispassionate information.

Empathy is the key work in approaching amputees. It is only by listening at length to their needs that we can do our best in assessing and fitting prosthesis.

AMGF, inc Member of the American Society for Surgery of the Hand
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We specialize in Finger prosthesis; custom fitted and colored cosmetic, medical grade prosthetic finger tip and silicone finger prosthesis. However we also offer a wide variety of other lower limb prosthetics and upper limb prosthetics, including hand prosthetics(even partial hand prosthesis), prosthetic arm, prosthetic leg and other custom prosthetics. There are lots of prosthetics companies out there, but not many offer the same customer service or quality prosthetic limbs and finger prosthetics that we do. We take pride in our prostheses products and that is why we are a top prosthetics company. Based in New York, but we routinely travel through out the US(such as Colorado, Florida, and California) to meet our customers and provide them with the solution they have been looking for.